Interactive Presentation

EXPRO Landing String Presentation

3D Animation | Interactive Presentation


Expro awarded Cadherent the contract to design and build an interactive presentation showcasing the features and benefits of their Landing String Assembly. The presentation would principally be used as an external sales tool, however the content could also be used for internal training adding further value to the product.

Stage 1 - Project Planning

After an initial meeting with Expro, Cadherent’s multimedia team compiled technical data and assessed the project requirements to design a presentation that would deliver the key messages. A series of illustrated storyboards were created to identify key stages of the animation, the design aesthetic and structure of the presentation. Throughout the process an open dialogue was maintained with Expro engineers to ensure thorough understanding of the technology.

Stage 2 - Content Creation

Working with Expro’s 3D modelling data alongside technical literature, Cadherent produced a virtual subsea environment in which the assembly and tooling could be demonstrated. Using real world dimensions ensured that the equipment was presented realistically, whilst allowing the audience a perspective that could not be achieved in reality. Throughout the content creation process previews were shared with Expro to allow review and approval ahead of final delivery.

Stage 3 – Delivery

The final animation was edited together to form a cohesive presentation and packaged together with technical data sheets into an interactive product suitable for a variety of end user.