Subsea Equipment Deployment

Subsea Equipment Deployment Project

Engineering Design | Documentation | Field Support

Stena Drilling contracted Cadherent to facilitate the 3D laser scanning, clash checking, steelwork design & project animation of a subsea equipment deployment project.
In order to accurately design all structural interfaces and to ensure a clash free installation and deployment we utilised the data captured to create and manage a virtual model of the developing scope during the engineering phase.

Stage 1 – Initial 3D Laser Survey (Offshore)

Our team mobilised to the Don to carry out a detailed 3D laser scan of the moon pool, subsea equipment setback & pipedeck areas. A target control system established to allow future vessel surveys to seamlessly integrate with the captured data.

Stage 2 – Design Phase & Clash Check

Utilising the data cloud information to create a virtual model and importing third party deployment equipment we worked closely with the project team to identify potential clash, support interface or access shortfalls. Our engineering team designed solutions for all the shortfalls and these were fed back into the virtual model for verification before being approved for manufacture.
The support solutions included support skids for subsea equipment, support frames for IWOCS containers with associated access and egress solutions & Innovative strong point designs to support hose deployment sheave assemblies.

Stage 3 – Project Animation

On completion of the design phase a full animation of the subsea equipment deployment project was created which was used as an aid memoir for offshore tool box talks and also as a scope explanation tool for future tendering projects.