What we do

Our in-house survey department provides accurate dimensional data across a wide range of applications, both onshore and offshore, in the UK and abroad, giving valued detail information to support all engineering and design requirements. Utilising survey data within any project, large or small has a proven record of maximising efficiency, having a major impact on both time and cost. We now pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and experience of Dimensional Control surveys, Land surveys and Laser Scanning and always work to the highest standards attainable.

Our areas of expertise include:

3D Laser Scanning

The use of laser scanning to captures mass digital data quickly has increased greatly over recent years and has seen us invest in a variety of rapid high accuracy laser scanning equipment and software, utilising both HD colour and Monochrome Scanners which capture more than 1 million points per second to produce 3d point cloud models. This 3-dimensional data can then be utilised within a variety of packages allowing all design requirements to be done without further site visits.


Our Key Areas:

Repair Orders / Like for Like Replacement

Brownfield structural & Piping modifications

New structural & Piping design systems

Hook Up / Closing Spools / Tie-in Point details

Automatic Clash checking / First time fit

Fabrication verifications / Specification tolerances

Red Line Mark Ups / 3d AutoCAD models

Dimensional Control Surveys

Using the latest high tech precision survey equipment we undertake Dimensional Control surveys to obtain highly accurate dimensional data for all fields of work, from offshore brownfield projects to onshore Hydro Dams, from Tie-in flange deviations to fully detailed corridor surveys.


Our key areas:

Detailed Accurate 3d As Built useable data

Automatic Clash check of designs

High Speed, high resolution data capture

Utilised along with:Dimensional Control

Deformation Analysis

3D Models

Land / Topographical Surveys

Our Surveyors have been carrying out topographical land surveys since 1990. Very little has changed since then regarding deliverables, however with major advances in technology, the equipment used has decreased site time and vastly improved efficiency. The result is cost saving for our clients across industries.

Using the latest in Total Stations and GNSS / GPS RTK we deliver fully checked 3D digital terrain models (DTM) to suit your design software package.

We also combine laser scanning with topographical surveys to provide a broader service to our clients – capturing buildings and other items of significance in a highly accurate point cloud / DTM combo. This has large appeal to our clients using BIM.

Measured Building Surveys

This involves all aspects of building measurements using either traditional tapings, total station, 3d laser scanner or a combination of all three. Our surveys are used for floorplans, layouts, cross sections, elevations, facades, 3d models and we can bring our findings into the virtual world.

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