What we do

We deliver high quality digital content and video production that adds value to a wide range of clients across multiple industries.

Using industry-leading software we can produce technically accurate content. The information is based on real world dimensions, providing the opportunity to investigate, visualise and simulate a variety of operations and processes from the convenience of our offices. Our flexible approach offers the opportunity to scale the content to suit your requirements, from high-level marketing material through to in depth feasibility studies.

We continually invest in our designers and systems to ensure that we remain at the forefront of a rapidly changing discipline. This investment ensures that your content can be prepared to suit a variety of platforms, from handheld devices to exhibition screens.

Working in tandem with our Design and Draughting teams we can rely on technical expertise across multiple engineering disciplines to inform our content, adding value to your product and giving Cadherent a unique position in the marketplace.


Our areas of expertise include:

Stunning animated sequences.

Digital prototyping.


Digital animated workpacks.

Interactive training and sales tools.

Filming & Video Production

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality presentations.

Industrial Augmented Reality applications.

Project methodology.

Technical illustration.

2D & 3D Motion graphics.

Let's Work Together

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